transparantie in de cannabis sector

Transparency & Weeview

Rules for writing a review
A review is an assessment about a coffeeshop. This review can be positive or negative, the main thing is that it is honest. Negative in this sense should not be taken as an insult, but as feedback to do better in the future. A positive review is nice to receive, but you can probably learn more from a negative review. Keep it neat when writing a review, everything will be read! We don’t want to commit censorship, but want to be a platform where everyone feels safe and can speak out about coffeeshops. To prevent censorship, it is not allowed to include the following points in your review: advertisements, insults, political expressions, discrimination, doxxing, untruths. If these violations are found, we will contact you and take appropriate measures.

It is possible for anyone over the age of 18 to write a review in the app. An account must first be created for this. A maximum limit of two reviews per day is used. There are two reasons for this: reviews must be recent, a coffeeshop visit six months ago says little about the range and service of today. The second reason is to prevent fake reviews, and we assume that you rarely visit more than two coffeeshops each day.

Every review is posted immediately, but is manually checked within 24 hours to ensure that it does not conflict with our regulations.

The Weeview algorithm
Why does one coffeeshop rank higher in the ratings than another? Coffeeshops are assessed on five points, which can be rated from 1 to 5. Here, 1 is the lowest score and 5 is the highest achievable. These are added together and divided by 5. This is the average score per review. This average score of each review is added together and is the ranking of the coffeeshop. With each review, the score will therefore increase by at least 1 point and at most by 5 points. The number of reviews times the average score of the review determines the position of the list. As a result, a coffeeshop with 2 reviews with 4 stars (2 x 4 = 8) has a higher position in the list than a shop with 1 review with 5 stars (1 x 5 = 5). Based on this algorithm, the score of a shop that is reviewed more often is more reliable than a shop with fewer reviews, and is therefore higher in the ranking.

Only by reviews!
We do not influence the ranking of coffeeshops in any way. A higher ranking cannot be bought. This is how we keep it fair for all users of the app!

Privacy is important to us!
We do not collect information from users about health, sexual orientation or political affiliation. We do not sell advertisements or information about the user in any way. The information (read rating) from the reviews is used to generate income. We will never generate revenue from practices that harm a Weeview user’s privacy. Not at the moment and not in the future! If you want to read more, take a look at our privacy page.