Privacy statement Weeview app
The privacy statement V2 was published on January 1, 2022.

This is the Privacy Statement of the Weeview app (“Weeview”). Weeview is offered by Weeview V.O.F., located at Dorprichterstraat 28B, 8431BX in Oosterwolde in the Netherlands. This Privacy Policy is part of the Terms of Use of Weeview V.O.F. and should be regarded as a supplement to General Terms and Conditions of Weeview V.O.F.

Your personal data
In this Privacy Statement you can read how we handle your personal data when you use Weeview. You can rest assured that we handle your personal data with care. Please read the Privacy Statement carefully before making certain choices.

Our contact person for your questions about privacy
We have a data protection officer within our company. If you have any questions about the use of your personal data by Weeview, please send an email to

What are personal data?
Personal data says something about you. The best-known personal data are name, e-mail address, age and date of birth. Your telephone number and IP address are also personal data.

On what basis do we process your personal data?
Of course we are not allowed to request or use your personal data just like that. The law stipulates that this is only allowed if there is ‘a basis for the processing’. This means that we may use your data if there are one or more of the following reasons:

Agreement – If you have downloaded Weeview and accepted the terms of use by registering, for example, we need personal data to create an account and process reviews.

Permission – If you have downloaded Weeview and use the app as a visitor without registering, you give permission to process general data about the visit. This is anonymized data and will only be used to improve the app.

What personal data does Weeview use for what?

  • We use your name to show it to the community when you post a review.
  • We will use your email to contact you if something goes wrong. It also helps us to prevent abuse.
  • We save the name of the shop that received your review. This way you can see your review history in the app.
  • We process IP addresses to prevent misuse.
  • We use the version of your operating system to make the app work optimally for you. We also measure which types of users Weeview has.
  • We use the version number of the app to identify any problems at an early stage.
  • We use your device type for statistics about our users. This allows us to optimize the experience for as many users as possible.
  • We process device IDs to prevent misuse and derived IDs to show relevant advertisements from Weeview.
  • If you include an (animated) picture for your personal page or a review, we save it in Weeview. This way the (animated) image can be shown to the community.

Who is Weeview for?
You may make personal use of the app if you are of legal age.

Cookies and similar techniques
Weeview uses analytical tools to measure the use of the app. This way we look at which parts are the most interesting and user-friendly. We use this information to optimize the app. The statistics and reports cannot be traced back to individuals. This is done using filters and pseudonymization. In addition, Weeview uses advertising cookies and similar techniques with your permission. For example, we can show you personalized advertisements from Weeview on third-party websites and apps. We can also exclude you from these types of advertisements.

Use of personal data with or without your consent
Sometimes we need to ask your permission to use your personal data. If you have given permission, you can always withdraw it. Good to know: If we use your personal data on the basis of the law or a ‘legitimate interest’, we may do so without your permission. You can object to this.

Other parties that use your personal data
There are situations in which we have to provide your personal data to persons and authorities involved in our services. You can read who they are below.

Our service providers
We work together with companies that help us with our services, such as ICT service providers. We are not allowed to just give your personal data to them, there are legal rules for that. We therefore choose these companies carefully and make clear agreements about how they handle your personal data. Processing agreements have been concluded with these companies. We remain responsible for your personal data.

We have concluded processing agreements with the following parties:
1. AWS:
2. Sentry. Error logging:
3. Google Analytics:

We can also engage parties that provide services to us, such as lawyers and accountants. When these parties process personal data, they are themselves responsible for its lawful use.

Competent public authorities
Dutch supervisory authorities and other government agencies may request your personal data from us. The law states when we must give it.

With your explicit permission, we can send you push messages. We will then send you push messages to promote a new functionality in the app, for example. You can always turn off these messages through your phone’s privacy settings.

Social Media
We have contact with customers, app users and visitors to the websites via social media. We do this to provide relevant information and/or answer questions. We may then record (personal) data. We will of course process this in accordance with this Privacy Statement.

Weeview uses profiling. Below you can read what that means.

Based on your profile, we can show you personalized advertisements from Weeview on third party platforms (e.g. social media), provided you have accepted cookies. We can also exclude you from these types of advertisements. Of course we test the use of data against the privacy rules. You can always object to the creation of a personalized customer profile.

Security of your personal data
We do our utmost to protect your data as much as possible:

  • We continuously invest in our systems, procedures and people.
  • We train our people to handle your data securely.
  • All data is sent and stored securely (using https) at all times.
  • Backups are made encrypted.
  • Passwords are stored encrypted and cannot be retrieved by us or third parties.
  • Error logs and other logs that are important for solving bugs and improving our app are set up via filters in such a way that no personal data ends up in them.
  • The physical location of the secure database where all data is stored is in Frankfurt.
  • Safety is something we also want to work on with you. For example, have you had to deal with a breach in your security? You can report this confidentially to us via email

How long do we store your personal data?
In any case, we store personal data for as long as necessary to achieve the purpose.

The General Data Protection Regulation does not specify any specific retention periods for personal data. Other laws may stipulate minimum retention periods. Then we have to keep that data for that long.

We may become involved in a lawsuit or other proceeding. In order to be able to demonstrate how things work, we store data. We can keep it in an archive until any claim has expired and we can no longer be involved in any proceedings.

Right of Objection for Direct Marketing
Do you no longer want to receive a push message via the Weeview app? Then you can turn it off via the privacy settings of your phone. Please note that if you disable push notifications, you will no longer receive notifications about updates and further adjustments to the Weeview app.

Right to object to profiling
If you use Weeview, you may not want us to use your personal data for profiling. You can always object to the creation of a personalized customer profile. More information about this can be found in the Weeview Privacy Statement on the website

Inspection, rectification, oblivion, limitation

  • You have the right to request an overview of all personal data that we use from you for Weeview.
  • You can always ask us to erase your personal data. However, we must keep some data. For example, for fraud detection or because it is transaction data that we are required to keep by law.
  • You can also ask us to temporarily limit the use of your personal data. This is possible in the following cases:
  • You think that your personal data is incorrect.
  • We wrongly use your personal data.
  • We want to destroy your personal data, but you still need it, for example after the retention period.

Right to data portability (data portability)
You can request the personal data that we have stored from you. This is the data that we have obtained with your permission (which you have entered in the Weeview app) or the data that we store for the execution of the agreement. This is called data portability.

Pay attention to the security of your personal data

  • Check whether the party to whom you want to give your personal data can be trusted and handles your data just as safely as we do.
  • Do you want to receive personal data? Then make sure that your own equipment is safe enough and, for example, has not been hacked or can be hacked. Your data can be very interesting for criminals.
  • Do you want to request the personal data that we have received about you or give it to another party? Then submit a request to us.

Do you have a question, idea or complaint about Weeview? Please contact us via WhatsApp: 06 – 41136846. Questions about the Privacy Statement can be emailed We are happy to help you! Do you disagree with the way we handle your personal data? Then you can submit a complaint. This is also possible with the Dutch Data Protection Authority.

Change Privacy Statement
Weeview continues to develop and optimize its services. This Weeview App Privacy Statement may be amended from time to time as a result. You will be informed about this as soon as you reopen the app. We advise you to consult the privacy statement regularly.