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Discover all the best coffeeshops in your area, or be surprised by a coffeeshop you never knew existed! Weeview gives you a complete overview of all coffeeshops in Netherlands. Our interactive map is there for your convenience, so you can easily search for the nearest coffeeshop. As a customer you can even leave a review about your experience at that coffeeshop: Did it impress you, or did it let you down? Be honest, because this helps us weed out the bad coffeeshops (and there certainly are some!). We hope to improve together with our users!

Weeview is the most complete cannabis app for you. Download it and start reviewing! Review your favorite strains or coffeeshops in Holland today. Discover the best weed, hash and marijuana in your neighborhood and all over the Netherlands. With the online weed map you can find all Dutch coffeeshops on one map. We also offer you review pages of every shop where real and verified customers can leave their experiences behind.

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Coffeeshop map

  • Find the best coffee shop near you, chosen by YOU!
  • Search for the best coffeeshops through the coffeeshop map
  • Search for a city or coffeeshop using the search function
  • Start your route guidance for the fastest route to the coffeeshop

Coffeeshop open

  • See what the best coffeeshops are per province
  • Always know which coffeeshop is open
  • Thanks to the added opening hours, you will never be faced with a closed door again
  • Find the best coffeeshop for you!
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Coffeeshop nearby

  • You can create a profile in a few seconds
  • Share your experience with a coffeeshop review
  • Earn points with every review you write
  • Score awesome goodies!
  • Become a true connoisseur!

Weeview is the only online coffee shop review app for your smartphone. Made by blowers for blowers in the Netherlands! Became curious? The coffeeshop review app can now be downloaded in all app stores! Create an account quickly and start reviewing! Together we make the industry transparent! Wanna find the best coffeeshop near you? Download the Weeview app now and start reviewing!

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